It was a strange suggestion when Pipe Sgt, Chief Mike Beadle, (AKA Bruce) suggested that the band purchase an old school bus to cut down on the individual travel that our band members had to endure in their own vehicles. The Band, however, thought it a grand idea and we did, indeed buy our (new to us) bus.

The bus is a vintage 1996 International Harvester with a gazillion miles, but we immediately stripped it and installed our own “box seats” so pipers could store their instruments under themselves. For the Drums, we built a special rack on both sides, in the back. In the front we installed a large cooler for medicinal beverages.

The bus has served us well and due to its unusual color scheme from the previous owner, we are very noticeable. We get many accolades from other bands and they certainly enjoy the cold air conditioning and soft drinks when they “step aboard”.

So, like the folks who watched for the Robert E. Lee on the Mississippi, we announce our arrival at events with The Mean Green Piping Machine! Come out to meet us!